Monday, August 25, 2008

The concept behind the BAMBU COLLECTION

In designing the Bambu Lounger we wanted to solve the problem that many pet owners are faced with of how to seamlessly, and comfortably, incorporate their pets into the design of their interiors . You always have the option to purchase a cushion filled with a generic material that has no other benefits than to keep your pet off your furniture or you can look for a solution that benefits your pets health as well as complimenting your homes interior. With the Bambu Lounger you have will have both.

The design of the Bambu Diner came as the perfect solution to compliment the Lounger and continue with the overall interior decor. In the past your only option was a couple of bowls placed on a mat that you would push into a hard to see area when guests would visit, but not anymore.

The concept behind the BAMBU COLLECTION came from my studies of the famous Danish furniture designers of the 1930’s. Designers such as Bruno Mathsson were very successful by experimenting with different techniques and pushing the limits of the materials they used. With the invention of bentwood and the incorporation of other materials they were able to create simple yet timeless designs.

Inspiration was drawn directly from this Danish era of furniture design and the result was our Bambu Collection. Our philosophy behind the Collection's design was much like theirs. We wanted to showcase the natural beauty of the materials while using simplistic lines and intricate framework. The use of stretched canvas across the Lounger's seat creates an ultra light mattress support system. This innovative technique was invented and widely used by Danish designers. To ensure a comfortable sleeping surface we use shredded memory foam, which has numerous health benefits that you can find on our eco-materials section of our website. With wide, uninterrupted sections of Bamboo, the Bambu Diner stands behind the same philosophy.


  1. very cool stuff. I'm working on a design project for a upscale modern apartment and the owner would love these. Please email me when they're available. Thanks Tania

  2. Thank you for your interest! We have been working with various interior designs that want customers own fabric and we can definitely do that as well. Just please shoot us an email with your requirements.


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Manufacturing Process

In March 2008 we arranged a trip to the Bamboo capital of the World, China. We traveled out to the countryside with a former contact, and friend, I had met on one of my previous trips and began working on the manufacturing of the BAMBU COLLECTION. It was a very exciting and successful trip. Below is a slideshow which documents our trip and the production of our products. Hope you enjoy!